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8 Creative Date Nights: Just Do It!

Date nights can never be overrated. Whether you’ve been with your partner for a month of ten years, do not skimp on date nights. Guys, here is a wakeup call: Women love date nights! Well, most women anyway. Hey, I know life can get busy, but you’ve got to take some time to invest in your relationship or else it just gets stale.

Creative date nights will do your romance level wonders. Now you don’t have to be ultra-creative to come up with some dates that you’ll love. Just a smidge of creativity goes a long way.

Take a look at the following ideas and implement the date nights that seem like they fit you and your partner. Mark them on the calendar and follow through!

1. Pack a picnic. It might not be super creative, but it is thoughtful and different than the norm. Don’t have a picnic box? Don’t sweat it. Use a bag or a lunch box. Pack a sandwich, couple treats, water bottle, or whatever suits your fancy. Grab a blanket and head off to the local park or a romantic spot where you can lounge, eat, and delight in each other.

2. Give Karaoke a try. Even if you don’t sing, you can still hit the Karaoke venues and watch other people sing. This can actually be quite entertaining.

3. Dinner date. Of course heading out to dinner is very popular when it comes to date night, but try a new restaurant or go out of town to a place you’ve heard good things about. If you have a lake nearby, see if there is a restaurant that overlooks the lake or has a dinner cruise boat. Do some research and do something out of the norm.

4. Geocaching. If you think you’d like a treasure hunt, give geocaching a try. Use your smart phone or GPS to hunt online treasures! This is great if you cannot get out for a date, yet want to spend some time together. When you find your first treasure, celebrate with a romantic kiss!

5. Wine tasting. Get out and enjoy the gorgeous scenery at a winery and enjoy some fine tasting wine at the same time. Engage in some meaningful conversation. Hold hands and walk the vineyard trail. Be flirtatious. Get your romantic groove on.

6. Go fly a kite. You might think flying kites is for kids, but I guarantee you if you purchase a quality kite, grab your partner on a windy day, and head out to the local park to fly it, you’ll both get in touch with your inner child. You’ll giggle. You’ll laugh. You’ll feel like you are falling in love all over again!

7. Become a star gazer. The skies on a clear night are magnificent. Grab a blanket and find a quiet spot where you can view the amazing stars. Talk about the great big world you live in. Check out the constellations. Look for a shooting star. Discuss life. Love. Just enjoy your presence in this wonderful world.

8. Play some games. Think you’re too old for the arcade? Never! Go to the local arcade and challenge each other to some games. Arcades these days are jam packed with fun. See how competitive you really are as you play the old and new arcade games!

Creative date nights are something you don’t want to miss out on. You and your partner will certainly enjoy the time spent together and the effort put into making it happen. Make a commitment and go out regularly so that your relationship can thrive. After all, isn’t that what you really want?

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