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Are You Falling Prey to the 3 Most Common Marketing Blunders Committed by Law Firms?

Are you an experienced lawyer and looking to open a new firm? Or are you one in a start- up firm with zero potential customers? It is easy to advertise and sell your product when it is as widely used as soap or a deodorant, but legal counsel is still very much a niche business, and inspire of a lot of people requiring legal aid, the firms they seek help of are generally by reference, or word of mouth. As a lawyer, your expertise lies in the field of law and delivering justice to your client. But how many of you really think about how you really got the client? Or how to attract more clients to your firm? Marketing is an art and the ability to hold onto a client or expand existing clients’ base requires work. To treat online content marketing the same as other forms of marketing shows ignorance to today’s rapidly evolving technology networking

So before you start preparing a marketing strategy with expert help, some mistakes that you must avoid are:

Not developing a marketing plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail, is an old but true saying, which emphasizes on the need to plan. Marketing cannot be just random acts or a great idea here and there. It may be a success in the short run, but it is a misguided approach. A comprehensive, well thought out plan is the best and only way to stay on track. Before you begin on the road to strategist, some questions you will need to ask yourself are:

• Where as a firm do you stand as of now? 
• Where do you see yourself in the next 2/5/10 years? 
• How can you reach your goal? 
• How can you measure your progress?

The above questions are the basis to not only set your goals but also help you chart a course of action to reach there after evaluating your current position. Only after you do this will you be able to decide what your mission is and your target audience.

Letting your form substitute for substance

This is one of the greatest mistakes that law firms make when it comes to generating an online presence. Sure, it is important that your blog looks and feels inviting and lively. Lots of potential client interaction facilities and a professionally designed blog can only do so much to invite readers. If your content is half baked and lacking in necessary details, no amount of pea cocking is going to be useful. Your blog or website needs to contain relevant information which can educate them on legal matters, thus addressing their problems and queries.

Following Me-focused Marketing strategies

The whole point of marketing is to popularize your services and establish your name in the legal world. The greatest mistake that most law firms make is that they make themselves the focus of their entire marketing agenda. Sounds confusing? The whole point of marketing is not telling everyone how good you are; rather it is about telling how you can be useful to everyone. When you market your service, you shouldn’t be talking about the number of years you have been practicing or the number of exceptional lawyers your firm has.

Your aim should be to enlighten your intended clients to know how the experience you have will help them and how your lawyers are qualified to serve them. Unless your blog has discussion forums or the facility for members to ask questions, you will not be able to sell your firm to the client.

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