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Cargo Shipping to Poland

Shipping to Poland

Poland is a bustling, populous European country with over 39.5 million people. In fact, Poland is the 71st largest country in the world and the 9th largest in Europe. With a strong cultural background and a growing economy, Poland offers more than just a homeland. Poland is a beautiful country filled with environmental wonders and according to the 2014 Global Peace Index, Poland is one of the safest countries in world to live.

As a member of the European Union, Poland is a part of the customs union as well. This means that items imported into and exported from Poland and within the territory of the EU are free from customs duties. If you are interested in shipping cargo to Poland, there are some regulations you should know.

It is important to note that all shipments to Poland are subject to inspection. In addition, customs clearance must be completed within 20 days of a shipment’s arrival into Poland (or a maximum of 27 days).

Documents Needed to Move to Poland:

· Passport (original or notarized copy)

· Work permit

o Needed for clearance of household goods by air or for surface travel

· Work certificate (in Polish) from your employer in Poland. This must specify your position, start and end dates of employment, and the legal status of the shipper

· Company registration documents (copies should be updated and notarized)

· Power of attorney for customs clearance

· Original or notarized copy of Polish home address

· A bank guarantee as security for duty and VAT – excludes returning citizens and diplomats

Restricted Items when Shipping to Poland

· 10 liters of spirits

· 20 liters of fortified wine

· 90 liters of wine and 110 liters of beer

· Tobacco limit to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of loose tobacco

· Goods in large or commercial quantity

· Duplicate items

· Food must be a reasonable quantity

· Plants (certificate required)

· Prescription medications – must be a reasonable amount for personal use only

Items You are Not Allowed to Ship to Poland

· Narcotics and illegal drugs

· Explosives

· Firearms and ammunition

· Pornographic material

· Toxic materials

· Radioactive materials

An Overview of Car Shipping to Poland

· Certificate of origin

· Original sales invoice for new vehicles or value declaration signed by owner

· Original title or registration

· Driver’s license

· International insurance policy

· Car model, make, year, registration and chassis number noted on inventory

Bringing a Pet to Poland

If you are interested in bringing a cat or dog or some other pet with you to Poland, there are some rules and regulations. All pets regardless of the type must go through a quarantine period. In addition, they need to be under the owner’s supervision for at least six months. You will also need an import permit to bring a pet to Poland and a health certificate signed by your veterinarian at least 10 days prior to your arrival. Make sure that you have a rabies vaccinate certificate at least 30 days prior to departure too, and it cannot be older than 9 months.

Make sure to follow these shipping regulations and requirements when moving or traveling to Poland.

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