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Direct Access Barristers

Who do you need?

First thing is first, you need to establish whether you need a barrister or solicitor. Both of these types of lawyers perform the different, but not too different, roles. A barrister is usually a specialist in his or her field. Whether this be planning law, criminal law or another aspect.

A solicitor will handle paper work, applications and other correspondence for their clients but is almost never seen in court.

Barristers are self-employed. They will spend a lot of time in the courts with their clients and advising them on what to do. They can represent a client in any court and give legal advice in person or in writing, barristers are also able to draft documents for clients. They are unable to prepare a case and paperwork for the court, provide the administrative back up or write letters on a client’s behalf. This is when a barrister will deal with clients through a solicitor.

So what is Direct Access?

If you need a barrister, you should definitely consider a Direct Access barrister. Members of the public are able to contact them directly for representation or legal advice. Barristers who have Direct Access or Public Access licences are able to do work for their clients directly, removing the need for a solicitor and putting the client in control of his or her case.

The benefits of getting a direct or public access barrister are:

• Fast and efficient

• Likely to save you money, there are also a no win no fee agreements available

• Easy communication

• Thorough and attentive

You can use the direct access, other wise known as public access for any area of law including criminal law, civil law, immigration law and family law.

What’s the process of hiring a barrister?

After you have contacted the clerk or barrister, they will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your case and whether it is suitable for direct access. Once this has been decided, you will agree terms with the barrister on which he or she is to carry out the work.

Your barrister will provide you with a client care letter which will contain all the information or the work that is going to be undertaken, the basis on which you will be charged and the other terms of agreement. If you are unsure about anything, your barrister will happily discuss any concerns with you immediately.

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