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Grounds for Compensation Under the Lemon Law

The lemon law seeks to protect the rights of customers in the event of purchasing faulty goods. The law is popular in sale of cars, where the obligations of the manufacturer are promoted and rights of buyers championed. Therefore, it is very important for vehicle buyers to know the rights they have. If a buyer discovers they have a faulty product or the product has serious safety defects because of being improperly repaired, an attorney specializing in lemon law will be able to seek for information about the product’s history. It is based on this information that they will be able to advance their client’s lemon law claims. Additional grounds a customer can be entitled for compensation under the lemon law includes:

· Invalid extended warranties & service contracts

Customers often buy costly extended warranty or a service contract with certain products, such as used vehicles. Most times they buy thinking they are purchasing “peace of mind”- the belief that the warranty company will end up paying for any costly repairs that may be required. However, the majority of consumers soon discover their extended warranty & service contract is useless when needed the most. The contracts usually contain exclusions for products that have suffered some accident damage or have pre-existing defects. Furthermore, products that do not contain the original factory parts are also excluded from the contract. The buyer ends up with wasted money on the warranty/service contract and an expensive repair.

· Change to advertised prices

All the advertised sales prices and terms need to be honored. Therefore, a manufacturer, dealer or vendor cannot decide to change the pricing when customers visit their premises, online or offline, to take advantage of the advertised deal. An attorney specializing in lemon law will be ready to promote their rights in such conditions. In order for customers to improve their chances for winning the case, it is important for them to hire the services of experienced lawyers.

· Spot delivery

Spot delivery often starts as legal transactions that turn into fraud, moments after the sale. Many times, when vendors and dealership arrange financing for their customers, they do not inform them they have not received the banks approval to accept the customers’ loan. Vendors or dealers who handle such transactions properly require their customers to sign a bailment or spot delivery agreement. The agreement should state if the vendor/dealer cannot obtain financing for them at the promised interest rate, they should agree to return the good or sign up a contract at a much higher rate.

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