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How Do I Handle Being Rejected?

Rejection. Now isn’t that a word that many of us can relate to?

Be it work, relationships or, family… Does it really have to be negative for us? I mean think about it; the meaning of the word as per the dictionary is: throw away, cast aside, refuse to take, turn down, discarded, and refused. Almost every word points towards the negative.

So can we be blame ourselves when feeling wretched about being rejected? No. It goes against every fiber of our being. It can attribute to sending people nuts, them changing completely, having them change their life around and a whole number of extreme changes in a persons’ life.

I have lost count of how many times I’ve been rejected in my life. Being rejected by the person I loved the most in my life, really broke me (I’m still learning how to put myself back together again). Yes it caused me to want to relocate or disappear though in the end it prompted me to change me ways.

Despite the fact, the negative after effects of being rejected continues to linger in my heart, affecting how I see myself. It hurts. Though I know my worth, I Do doubt it at times. The different things that I’ve read about rejection include; yes it’s your fault, No it has nothing to do with you, tell yourself: ‘list of steps’, meditate etc..

It’s easy having people tell you what to do, yet sometimes at the end of the day when you’re left to deal with your persistent thoughts, feelings and emotions, putting it into effect is something different entirely.

For some, following directions when it comes to their heart and feelings is easy. For others like myself, not so much. You know how when we have a problem; we wish the solution would be handed to us on a plate? Well most of the time it isn’t that simple. This is one of those instances.

For some of us, things can seem so hard yet somewhere along the line things usually turn out to be ‘OK’ in the end. After all the mistakes made and wrong turns taken, we somehow end up finding our way in the end, don’t we? Why? Because the answer was within us all along.

Our bodies and hearts are actually wired to ‘get us through it’ somehow. What I can tell you is that it’s a good thing to feel the emotions that you do. Yes they’re hard and painful at times. They can push us to wanting to suppress the pain. Instead of suppressing it, how about allowing it to guide you into the direction you need/want to take? Don’t lie to yourself nor feel obligated to ignore how you feel or go with the crowd, Be You! Do You!

You have the ability to pull through whatever it is you go through in life. Rejection is another hurdle that needs to be overcome though it does deeply affect us. Have patience, remain true to yourself and I’d bet anything that in the end you won’t go wrong. Your feelings and emotions are Yours to experience as you do. Don’t feel ‘wrong’ for doing so.

All the best… Jay.

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