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Online Growth of the Travel Industry in India

The Travel industry is one of the largest economy sectors in India. It contributes a staggering 6.7% of the GDP in India. It is soaring high because an increasing number of consumers prefer online shopping to offline.

Fascinating offers for booking hotels, airline tickets, luxury rental cars through their travel portals seduces a large number of internet users to shop online.

A survey conducted by the Google India surfaces many valuable facts about the growth of the online travel market. According to the report, India have the third highest internet population in the world and one-sixths of its population use internet.

The Google India Survey report reveals that around 95% of the consumers search the internet for price comparison before buying travel packages. Most of the consumers do it being driven by the spur of the moment. Around 36% of the consumers come under this category. They have no any prior plan but purchase it instantly.

Social media also play a key role in the growth of the online travel. More than 41% of the consumers get motivated to buy due to the persuasion of social media. Attractive offers through e-mail change the mindsets of 41% of consumers for travel purchases whereas 25% of the consumers decide to buy it only after getting messages.

How does the mobile phone affect the travel market growth?

Shopping online has appeared to be the latest trend and this trend has been much effective due to large-scale use of mobile phones. According to a Google India Survey report, out of the whole population, 122 million internet users use social media. Out of the 122 million, 75% users browse through their mobile phones.

Travel portals lure the mobile users for travel purchases sending email or messages of attractive discount or offers. It being very comfortable and portable, consumers choose it for travel shopping. They can book their favorite luxury rental cars, air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets and suitable accommodations at an ease.

It does not matter whether visitors go on a trip in a group or individually, using a mobile they can easily book through the online booking system going to the travel sites. Consumers can pay online and generate receipts through the easy online booking system using the mobile phones. So, it encourages a large number of consumers.

To make this online travel business easy, travel portals introduce various interfaces to save time and navigate easily through the website. So an overwhelming number of mobile users in India are trying to take huge advantages of the online facility.

A sheer upsurge in the rate of purchase of mobile phones and steady rise in the number of mobile users (349 million) indicate that the travel industry will continue its steady growth through online up to the next few decades.

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