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Three Points To Check Before Buying A New House

Purchasing a new house can be a daunting venture for many. Not only does it involve dealing with the separation from a domicile which comes with its own set of associated memories and emotions, but also with an extensive checklist of details to look over when selecting a new residence.

Many of these details might seem superfluous at first, but with a slight amount of forethought, these should be checked to ensure that they do not end up turning your dream home into an expensive fixer upper. By checking the three important points mentioned here, you can make sure that you get the value that you are paying for –


The primary purpose of the installation of a foundation for a building is to evenly distribute the structure’s total weight over the soil below. This not only makes the structure safe but is able to withstand other loads as well. Checking the foundation of the new home is an excellent way to predict any potential large scale disasters that unscrupulous sellers may be trying to cover up. There are a lot of ways to effectively determine the condition and quality of the foundation. The presence of minor cracks, lifting and separation of the foundation are all causes for concern. Even if some windows stop closing and opening properly without any reason, this may be attributed to a shift in the foundation.


Another important component of a new house, the quality of its installed electrical system, is something that all those on the lookout for a new home must assess. Not only is this an important feature of the house, but an improperly installed or cheaply fixed electrical system might end up becoming a real threat to the safety and well being of the inhabitants of the home. Inspecting every switch, connection and socket should be on the very top of every potential homeowner’s list of priorities. Consider getting all electrical points checked for any leakage or grounding problems, along with the testing of the wiring to determine its quality and discuss repair / replacement / re-installation with the sellers before sealing the deal.


The plumbing of a house is not exactly very accessible or visible, but it is something no buyer should ignore. Plumbing repairs have an extremely nasty habit of escalating into full blown structural and health disasters, which will probably end up costing you a small fortune to fix. Check all kitchen and bathroom appliances. Damp spots, stains and peeling paint all signify leakage at some point in the plumbing.

By understanding all the implications of neglecting the aspects, which need to be checked before making any form of commitment to the seller, ensures that you get the best possible deal for your investment.

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