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Who Sits In Your Front Row?

Susan Taylor, former editor -in-chief of Essence Magazine, once stated, “Everyone is not healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives.” You know they shouldn’t be in your front row because when you’re in their presence or when you leave them, you feel diminished, deflated or unworthy; as if you’re not enough. These people are like heavy stones around your neck – a drain on your time, your energy, your spirit.

So, I ask you, “Who sits in the front seat of your life? Is it occupied with people who love, nourish, and support you? Or is it occupied with naysayers, dream killers, and negative Neds? Did you consciously choose this seating chart or take what fate sent your way?

Regardless of how these people got in your front seat; you’re in the driver’s seat and can rearrange the seating. You get to decide who sits up front; and who ends up in the back. Take a long, hard look at your life and the people around you, occupying your front seat. Do you need to rearrange the seating?

When rearranging your seating chart, ask yourself if the people in your front row bring, have, or offer the following attributes:

Intimacy. In your front row, you need people who provide you with closeness, warmth, and acceptance – people with whom you can express your feelings freely without fearing any kind of repercussions, ridicule, or backlash. These are people who love and believe in you unconditionally.

Ego-strokes. People sitting in the front row of your life should make you feel good about yourself. They help boost your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. With them you feel important, capable, strong, and special.

A strong sense of self. Because these people feel good about themselves it’s easy for them to be supportive of you. They have hopes and dreams of their own, and their goals and objectives may even be similar to yours. With these people you share ideas, information, and experiences, and can dream together.

Support through thick and thin. These people are there when times are good, and when times are not so good. They are there to applaud you when you’re up and to lift you when you’re down. They are there, standing right beside you, in times of crisis.

Challenges. These people challenge you to reach higher, to take a leap of faith, to try new things. They also challenge you by encouraging you to think outside the box… by questioning your decisions to help ensure, as much as you can, that you’ve made the best decision.

Since everyone isn’t healthy enough to have a front row seat in your life, it’s up to you to take whatever steps necessary to rearrange the seating chart of your life; to eliminate, or position at a distance, people who are not in alignment with your values, vision, goals, and dreams.

Daisy Saunders is an inspirational trainer/speaker, career/lifestyles coach, and author, specializing in issues impacting the lifestyles of older Americans. Visit her website at http://www.daisysaunders.com for free downloads of articles and resources on personal empowerment and positive aging; and to follow her fit, fabulous, and fearless blog.

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