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Why Data Centers in Toronto, ON Canada Are Popular

Over the past several years the popularity of Canadian data centers or also known as colocation facilities has been on the upswing. These colocation facilities located in Canada offer a number of key benefits such as; Climate, Infrastructure, Political Environment and Infrastructure. Our societies need to store and access data on the fly today has resulted in increased demand for added data center capacity and the hunt for the ideal environment to house such facilities. Toronto, Ontario – being a major urban center has become a very popular choice for data center facilities to emerge as the City offers a number of elements which makes locating there very attractive.

The Connected Lifestyle

As we become more and more a connected community, relying upon on our digital devices to help us live out our lives we have come to expect access to data to be instant. Whether your sending email, connecting with your friends via the various social networks, reading the news or streaming your favorite show all this data is coming from a colocation server site somewhere in the world. Daily, the number of data we store, access and distribute is growing exponentially and to accommodate today’s requirements and those of the future, enterprises need to establish themselves in reliable data centers to ensure the digital community keeps humming along.

What is a Data Center?

For those of you who do not fully understand what a data center is, lets take a quick look at what a data colocation center is. A data center in a very simple fashion can be defined as a building which houses hundreds and hundreds of computers interconnecting to each other and to other computers throughout the world via public networks such as the internet and private networks.

These colocation sites are build to ensure resiliency and robustness to ensure 7 / 24 operations with no disruptions. This robustness is build from ground up in these facilities utilizing; redundant power feeds, backup generators, UPS power systems, multi-path fiber network entry points, multi-homed network connectivity, massive cooling systems with redundancy and the list goes on and on and lets not forget to mention security. Data centers are built with a security focus to ensure only authorized individuals have access to these servers. Security technologies utilized include; bio-metric access, facial recognition systems, man-traps, etc.

A colocation facility can be categorized as a fortress which holds, stores and serves your digital content!

Why Canadian Data Centers?

Canada over the past several years has become a very popular choice for enterprises seeking to place or ‘colocate’ their servers in Canadian colocation centers. The reasons for this are numerous, but the main factors can be broken down in to four main categories; Climate, Infrastructure, Political Environment and Privacy Legislation.

Climate – Canada’s climate is typically a colder environment which makes it ideal for cooling these power hungry hosting sites and is ideal to utilize technologies such as ‘Free Cooling’ to take advantage of the free cold air which is ample in the winter months.

Infrastructure – Canada, especially in major urban centers such as Toronto have access to ample power capacity, excellent fiber network interconnect infrastructure and relatively speaking is fairly inexpensive to access.

Political Environment – If you’re looking to house your sensitive data in a colocation center, you need to ensure that the country is politically stable which Canada is. Furthermore, with the recent financial meltdown – Canada has remained once of the most stable in its financial underpinnings most notably due to our highly regulated banking sector.

Privacy Legislation – Canada’s Privacy Act is a solid protection mechanism to ensure organization’s privacy is maintained. This is very different in the USA where the Patriot Act in essence strips all privacy rights from the data holder and gives full power to the Government agencies to monitor, audit and review any data which resides on US ground.

Toronto – The Ideal City to House a Colocation Center

The are a number of collocation center facilities / operators in Canada. Toronto by far the most popular location within Canada for data center locales. Toronto is a major urban center, with excellent infrastructure and has the ideal geographical features to accommodate these robust facilities such as; being above the one hundred year flood plain, being systemically stable and not being a high candidate for hurricanes and tornadoes.

Toronto being a major urban center is also home to all major enterprises within Canada. Most, Fortune 1000 Canadian entities call Toronto its home. Toronto has a vast financial district, housing the Toronto Stock Exchange which in essence is the central financial hub for Canada.

One could say, that Toronto has all the essential elements necessary to house the ideal server colocation environment.

In Summary

It is clearly evident why the demand of server colocation services has increased over the past several years, particularly due to our increasingly connected lifestyle. Canada is an ideal geography to house these robust, resilient data hotels to house critical systems due to several factors which include; Climate, Infrastructure, Political Environment and Infrastructure. Of the Cities located in Canada, Toronto is the central hub for Canada and has a number of elements which make it the ideal choice for data center facilities.

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